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CHRYST is the resurrection of 1990ies cult avant-garde metal band KOROVA / KOROVAKILL. After 10 years of silence they return with a masterpiece of Epic Psychedelic Metal.

“PhantasmaChronica” is a surrealistic concept album, consisting of 1 song with 47 minutes. It guides into a world beyond the frontiers of time and imagination. It gives the illusion to unveil all illusions. It reveals the chronicles behind the phantasms of the visible world that have become chronic.

CHRYST is a deconstruction of the occident. He’s the birth of a new phantastic world, an inverse universe, created to take you on a trip beyond the shores of time. His mission is to create a new era of musical revolution, a new sound for future generations of outriders and outsiders, libertines and dreamers, strong and tender, heavy and winged, drowned and exalted, ancient and alien, massive and light…

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